Who To Leave Your Toddler With When You’re Out?

You might be parents who are really busy with their work schedules. Both of you might not be able to stay at home to look after your child. You might have a problem figuring out who you should leave your child with on weekdays. While you are at work. There are a few options you could consider.

If your child is old enough and understands things up to a certain extent you could consider leaving him/her home alone. You would have to warn your child of all the possibilities and give them your number so that they can call you at any time. This is just an option and is not recommended. It is always wise to leave your child under the supervision of another individual. The next option you could consider is hiring a guardian. This requires legal documents stating that you pick that person as the legal guardian of your child. This is a safe option to consider and the responsibility should be given to someone who you really trust.

Another option you could consider is hiring a babysitter. This is more of an informal option and the babysitter should be hired after a lot of consideration. It is better if the person is somewhat older. However most people choose teenagers as babysitters giving teenagers part time job opportunities as well. Teenagers are pretty irresponsible and should be chosen after considering many people. They should be given strict rules and ready to take care of a toddler. Some of the rules can be not having boyfriends or girlfriends over. No taking the baby out of the house. No smoking inside the house and no sleeping during working hours. The baby must not also be bathed without your prior knowledge. Should always keep an eye on the child’s whereabouts within the house.

Another option you could take is enrolling the child to an international preschool Hong Kong http://www.tutortime.com.hk/en/difference/. This doesn’t mean the child should start preschool if he/she isn’t old enough. Preschools have activity groups that you can leave your child in. Preschools are also high on safety and you can leave your child in the care of experienced teachers.

It would be wise to choose an international kindergarten as the child will learn during his stays in kindergarten. The child can participate in the activity groups according to his/her age. This a very safe option to take as parent over the options stated above. The environments of these schools are also specially designed for children and it is good for the child to be in the presence of other children.

Some other options you could consider are leaving the child at your parents’ house, at the neighbor’s house or at a friend’s house. Make sure the friends and neighbors are really close to you and can be trusted with your child. These are some options you could consider when leaving your child when you have a busy work schedule.