Why Spending Time With Kids Is Vital

Spending time with your kids can be quoted as one of the most important responsibilities a parent has towards his or her kid. However busy you are, you should no matter what, spend more time with your kids. Only then will you be able to one day look at them and be proud of the persons they’ve turned out to be. As most of the time, the kids who were neglected of their parent’s love, are the ones who will turn out to be rebellious and a threat to the society.


It is a well-known fact that has been proven time and again, that a parent is a child’s true best friend. He or she will be able to get this level of closeness to their parents only if they are there for him or her. Only then will they be able to find the friend in their parents and confide in them about anything and everything they have to say. They will have the listening ear that they need. And will have the urge to be loved completely fulfilled.


You will need to be the person they turn to when they need help. Unless you maintain a stable and good relationship with your ids by spending quality time with them. They will not come to you for help. They will turn to their friends. Some of these friends might be really good. But there will also be the black sheep out there who will be waiting to get a chance to interact with your child and turn them to the wrong ways of life. Even a simple trusted IB math tutorial may be the subject of the interaction. But once the bad influence gets ahold of your kid it will be quite the task getting them back.


They will need someone to guide them and advise them at all cross roads in life that they meet. Unless you are there for them when they were small, they are not going to turn to you for advice in their rebellious age of teenage. You should therefore build u a relationship of trust and love that will be able to turn towards their parents for any advice or idea that they require during any period of their life! Advice on how to complete their secondary school math tutorial to more important life decisions will be taken with our advice and knowledge.

Role model

You will automatically be your child’s role model. No matter what you do or say, they are going to be a miniature version of their parents. So you will need spend time with them. And be the perfect person that you’d want them to one day turn out to be. You cannot be yelling at them and ask them to talk softly and not yell. Because they will inevitably copy you. All that you do and say is recorded!